Small Garden Design Inspiration And Tips

They say that if you’re feeling tired and stressed then looking at the color green, say in case of trees or plants, would generate restorative energy in you. In Feng Shui, green is a very commonly used color because it stimulates positive energy and vibes. This is the primary reason why people prefer to have a garden of their own to escape into when they feel like having some rejuvenation time! Contrary to the common opinion, you don’t need a large space in order to have a garden, small gardens are just as impressive and useful too! This article will give you some small garden design inspiration that will help you set up your own mini garden, an escape to paradise!

If you’re thinking of setting up a small garden in your house or apartment balcony then you should look up the internet for pictures of small gardens. Now, you don’t have to follow the design exactly, you can just pick up the things or elements that you like and note them down so that you can incorporate those into your garden. Landscaping and creating your own garden is a fun and relaxing experience, particularly for those having green thumbs! However, if you don’t feel like landscaping your garden on your own then you can hire a landscape architect or a professional to do it for you. These experts would also be able to give you some great small garden design inspiration or ideas since they have a lot of experience in this matter.

Keep in mind, the right plant species and garden accessories would set the tone for a relaxing outdoor atmosphere, thereby transforming your garden into a retreat. Therefore, you should make your selection wisely. Always try to incorporate variety into your garden so that it would look inviting. You can go for plants having vibrant flowers, green plants, grass, small trees, decorative plants and so on. If you have the space and budget for a small fountain then it would be advisable to go for it. It would also act as a water bowl for birds, thereby attracting different birds and making your garden even more beautiful and lively with their chirping!

Just because your garden space is small doesn’t mean that it cannot be a perfectly formed garden. You can look for small-scale garden buildings like arbours and gazebos. You can also place some benches and chairs in it if you have the space. Don’t forget to put some colorful flower pots in the greenery in order to spruce things up a bit!